The Spur Alliance: The Top Ranches in North America

Welcome to Spur Alliance Ranch Vacations. This unique group of ranches features only North America’s top-rated dude ranches, offering vacationers the “best of the west.” Set in North America’s most spectacular locations, these exceptional ranches offer the widest variety of horseback riding options, multi-sport adventures and special interest activities possible.

The Spur Alliance is a carefully selected group of eight of the highest rated guest ranches in North America, with locations ranging from Arizona to British Columbia. These family owned and operated dude ranches are leaders in their industry, providing peak guest experiences continually for 45 years or more. All of the Spur Alliance ranches are members of the Dude Ranchers’ Association and are active within their respective state ranch associations as well. Together, this group of dude ranches has been sharing the western ranch lifestyle experience with guests from around the world for a combined total of more than 450 years.

To create a truly memorable ranch vacation, it’s important for travelers to find the right top-ranked guest ranch that provides a perfect fit with their personalized interests and needs. The Spur Alliance was created to simplify the process, helping vacationers find the ranch with the right activities and amenities for themselves and their families. Each Spur Alliance ranch has been chosen not only for their overall quality as a guest ranch, but also their excellence in a specific niche.

There’s a lot more to do at a dude ranch than just horseback riding. Guest ranches offer great multi-sport adventure vacations – and no two are alike. Every dude ranch excels in certain areas. Within the Spur Alliance members, guests will find the finest family ranches with youth programs for specific age groups, multi-sport ranches, world-class fishing ranches, ranches with spas, cattle ranches, summer ranches and those that offer warm temperatures and sunshine in the winter months. Check out the Spur Alliance Dude Ranches Finder or view the best dude ranches on a map to find out which ranches are perfect for you.

Epic vacations at Spur Alliance ranches are easy to plan and completely hassle-free. Delicious meals, horseback riding, and almost all guest activities and events are included as part of the ranch vacation package, giving guests complete freedom to do whatever they prefer. This all-inclusive approach provides added vacation value and allows each guest to create their own personalized vacation filled with memorable experiences and outdoor adventures.

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