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When you are READY to Travel again, where will you go?

Top 5 reasons Dude Ranches will be a vacation priority!

There’s no certainty of when the travel industry, or even daily life, as we have become accustomed, will return to normalcy. Opening up of massive resorts and hosting college lectures of 1,000-plus students might never look the same; nonetheless, some entities will not need to alter much to forge ahead.

Lots of physical distancing opportunities in the great lodge at Rainbow Trout Ranch.

Western dude ranches have always offered vacationers opportunity to experience what so many people are yearning for in these quarantined moments—nature, freedom, wide open spaces, ability to make choices, and, of course, socialization. ( at a distance of course)  These are the heart beats of dude and guest ranches west of the Mississippi and Canada.

Mother Nature showing off at Paradise Guest Ranch!

Nature Inspired
Towering forests of pine, enormous expanses of Aspens with golden leaves twinkling in the autumn Rocky Mountain breeze, meandering rivers through heritage acreage; the dude ranch experience is based around Mother Nature—she lured in the cowboys and ranchers so well, it didn’t take much to wrangle in vacationers.

Headed out for a ride at Western Pleasure Guest Ranch in the wide open spaces of Idaho.

The entire day at a dude and guest ranch can be spent enjoying earth’s bounty. From pre-breakfast hikes to morning horseback rides, the afternoon gives way to abundant outdoor activity including archery, trap shooting, lawn games, tennis, more horse adventure and clinics, or simply lounging poolside. There’s always an opportunity to embrace the nature-based orientation of a dude ranch. And, while in season,  fresh produce may also be available from ranch gardens for vacationers to enjoy.

This is what physical distancing looks like at The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch.

Physical Distance
Physical distance is now part of daily verbiage. It’s become more popular than Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook, because it’s the right thing to do. Luckily, ranch life, at most times, is about physical distancing. A horseback rider should be six feet from another rider on a trail, this is natural and easy. A sunset stroll in the desert can best be enjoyed in silence and solace, it need not be done with many people. Campfires can still be enjoyed with song and dance in the great ‘room’ of the outdoors. Wide open spaces have beckoned travelers for centuries, it’s certainly not going to change in 2020. Let the vast acreage of dude ranches allow you the reassurance of health and safety on vacation.

How vacation time will be spent is going to be of top priority. Static vacations or non-original nor creative escapes will be put on the back burner for alternatives that include endless choices and better matches to unique personalities. The allure of dude ranches has always been the personalized attention each guest receives.

The food at Dude Ranches is amazing especially the deserts at Lost Valley Ranch.

Food is a very important subject, especially since more time is given to it and where it comes from during this quarantine. Grocery stores are running out of flour from all the banana bread baked. Regardless of food preference, all dude ranches have customizable meals for gluten and lactose intolerance and allergies, vegetarian, vegan and much more. It’s all how you like it.

The wine and cheese ride at White Stallion Ranch is one of the highlights of your stay.

Activity is also customizable. You don’t want to ride, choose from two dozen other activities. It’s too hot out for your liking, no problem, try a dip in the pool, fly-fishing in the cool rivers or a mountain hike to escape the heat. Do you enjoy quiet evenings on the porch with a glass of wine alone, done! Is birdwatching predawn your jam, then let it come with toast as well—it’s all available and to your preference.

Glamping at it’s finest at Bar W Ranch.

Your sleeping arraignments are customizable as well! There are over a dozen types of guest accommodations across the best dude ranches. Do you like your own bunk house? Or do you prefer a lodge room? Is a casita to the liking or a multi-bedroom cabin? How you like to sleep is how you will sleep at luxury dude ranches.

Doug Averill, a second generation owner of Flathead Lake Lodge it’s all about family here.

Family Owned and Operated
Rarely will breakfast be served without guests seeing the family members of the ranch. That goes for lunch, dinner and almost every ranch activity. The ranch is a home, a livelihood and a family unit. When you visit a guest ranch, you become part of the ranch family. The ranchers want to keep their families safe during the pandemic, and any guest at their ranch is their family. Safety, health and nurture are at the forefront of the most hospitable escapes in the West, and be assured that legacy dude ranches want their family and guests to be in the best possible care.

Horseback riding is just one of the many, many activities you can do while at Three Bars Cattle and Guest Ranch.

One of the greatest attributes to the ranch life, you never have to leave it to participate in all the activities; it all happens in one place, albeit, a very large place. And, most activities and excursions at ranches—horseback riding and clinics, archery, hiking, fly-fishing, crafts, kids programming, team penning, trap shooting, rick climbing, water sports and much more are usually included in the weekly rate and it all happens on the ranch. Some ranches are so expansive,  and back up directly to national forest, that you can ride two times, every day, for the entire season and still not repeat a ride.

The view on your porch at Triangle X Ranch.

Experience the timeless grace of the land, the exhilarating rush of the wind at your back, and the warmth of pure sunshine. Ride in the paths of pioneering trailblazers whose determination and optimism could not be shaken by the enormity of God’s country. This place of legends will become a defining place in your own family’s history, a place to come together, reconnect and build memories for a lifetime – there really are top 5 reasons Dude Ranches will be a vacation priority for you and your family.

Have questions shoot me an e-mail or give a call at 307-250-1981. Happy Trails!!

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